Digital Drift is a vendor of high speed, fit for purpose, linear access layer networks for challenging industrial environments, including:

  • Underground mining

  • Tunnels

  • Processing plants

  • Agriculture


Uses a single coaxial cable to carry both power and data;

Provides a simple to install, affordable extension of the data network into challenging environments;

Can be installed and repaired by tradespeople on-site, using simple tools in wet, dirty and dusty conditions;

Works with all industrial devices that support Ethernet;

Delivers the performance of fibre with the simplicity of coax


FOCUSWe focus on what we do well and don't force ourselves on you for the rest of your technology choices. For example:
- you can choose your preferred wireless access technology;
- you can choose your preferred IP video surveillance;
- you can choose your preferred tracking technology;
- you can keep your existing fibre network and switching technology ... Digital Drift extends out from the edge.
START SMALLWe don't require you to perform forklift upgrades - you can start small with just a handful of nodes and get immediate benefits.
USE YOUR PEOPLEWe enable you to install and maintain the system with your own people, or a local system integrator if you prefer.
AFFORDABLEWe do not have an expensive sales channel, which enables us to offer the system at a price that makes sense.