A new paradigm for underground and agricultural networks

Power - Connectivity - Simplicity


Cut neatly through the ULR cable with coaxial cable cutters - or as an alternative simply use a hacksaw!


Use the all-in-one cable preparation tool to strip to the correct lengths every time.


Clean the centre conductor to ensure a reliable, solid connection.


The cable is now ready to be pushed into the ULR Coaxial Cable connector, and tightened into place with a collar.

The Digital Drift System introduces a paradigm shift in providing communications to underground and agricultural areas.

By providing industry standard PoE+ power and Ethernet connectivity for endpoint devices across long distances, your business is no longer "locked in" to a single-vendor solution.


Choose your best of breed technologies for wireless, video & tracking

Use Digital Drift to power and connect those technologies to your fibre or other backbone/uplink network;